Housewife or Nah?

Today was a weird day. I got the best sleep ever and went to Spanish and afterwards went to eat lunch where I stayed for an hour and a half waiting for my friends to eat with me but they never did so I just decided to call my dad and leave. I headed to my room and noticed I definitely needed to clean it because it looked a mess, mostly because I had been stressed the week before up until this past Tuesday. Once I was done, I had noticed the bathroom stall in our suite had smelt like pee that had been sitting around for days. The smell was horrifying. I scrubbed the toilet and thought that would solve the problem since I had been scrubbing hard af for about 5-10 minutes straight. Turns out my suitemates had found that behind the toilet was wet and when we wiped it up, it was like a brown-yellow color meaning, I was right it was pee. BUT that would mean that the toilet is leaking.. And we just had maintenance fix the vent so we had to place yet another work order. I;m pretty sure this is our 3rd and it’s only been 4 months.  We had also noticed the shower was browning a little so I decided to scrub the shower and I had noticed I put a little more bleach than necessary. I had to put a bandanna over my mouth so I wouldn’t inhale it and because it burned the crap out of my eyes I put sunglasses on because we didn’t have goggles.

After putting in all that hard work I had noticed the bleach was still lingering in my nose so everywhere I went, it smelt like a pool. It was so bad and it made me a little dizzy.  But it’s ok, I ended up going to Chick-Fil-A to grab food with 2 of my friends and came back in time for the girl’s basketball game which we sadly lost 56-51 or something like that. Anyway tomorrow I have my movie trailer meeting to look forward to tomorrow so I’m excited!


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