Wow… I cannot even believe the new I heard today. Still, 11  hours later, I still cannot believe what I was told this morning.

Let’s just pick up from yesterday shall we? So yesterday, I talked about how I got a new wing man because my old wing man basically forgot to be a wing man. She seemed excited to help me out but that was until 1:00 am. She sent me a text but I had passed out around 12. When I saw her name on my phone I kind of got butterflies because I was hoping maybe the guy liked me or thought I was cute or cool idk… But NO. Instead she told me they KISSED.

Yep… She told me it was “random” and they were caught or walked in on by my old wing man, her roommate, and another friend of ours. She said she felt bad and she wanted me to hear it from her because she felt the people that walked in blew it out of proportion… First of all, you had ONE JOB. And not that he’s my boyfriend and I’m jealous but you’re my friend. No, we’re not besties but we’re close enough to the point where I trusted you enough to bring me up in a conversation with my crush. She had told my roommate (which is also her bestie) that there was nothing she could do because he had her pinned down and his hand was around her. First, if it was rape you should go to someone ELSE about that but obviously that wasn’t the case which brings me to my second question. If it got that far to the point where he was on top of her and they were going at it, God knows they probably wouldn’t have stopped if they weren’t interrupted which makes the whole thing worse. IF you felt that what you were doing was wrong, you could have stop it before it got that far but you didn’t. Now people are like “you didn’t get the full story”, “she feels like all her friends hate her”, “she’s so upset”… like first off, there’s no story to tell and secondly imagine how I feel.. I can’t blame the guy because I haven’t talked to him yet and he doesn’t know I’m interested. Unlike all of my friends I’ve experienced tons of rejection and I’ve been made fun of people I’ve had crushes on. So to come to college to get away from it only to run into it just sucks a lot. Especially when it involves someone you considered a friend… Cheers to another sign that I should stay single for the rest of my life.


A Pissed & Single College Student

Well Needed Day

So since I didn’t post anything yesterday, I’ll just post for today and yesterday. I’m actually really happy with all I did yesterday. After my 8 am precalculus class, I came back to my room to work on my paper and I had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I was so excited because this paper may actually turn out good. Around 12, my roommate, my suitemates, and I went to vote for the election. We were harassed by one of the representatives who didn’t tell us much about what he was running for except that he had strong feelings about the mentally unstable being incarcerated… But nothing about women, same-sex marriage, and African American rights. So I didn’t vote for him lol.

Anyway last night my  school had a pep rally which was pretty entertaining until the last 30 minutes when it got a little old. But hey, I walked out with a free chick-fil-a card so I’m not complaining. After the pep rally was the highlight of my night. I decided to stay in the gym to wait for my friends who are on the basketball team and the guy I said I liked many posts ago was waiting for them too. It was nice to talk him again because I hadn’t had a real conversation with the guy in awhile. After the basketball players finally came out, we all decided to go to Chick-Fil-A which was a mess because we were all crammed in this small car but we got a laugh out of it. We all talked after we got out phones and I couldn’t help but smile because I missed all of us hanging together like we did yesterday. I hope we do it again sometime because I wasn’t looking forward to going back to my room but in the end I did lol. There’s not much going on today except that I have practice tonight with another tournament to look forward to on Saturday and guess what? I have to leave my dorm by 6:45 am AGAIN! ugh…. pray for me pls


A Content College Student

Productive but Unsocial

I’m going to start putting actual titles for my posts because like an idiot, I just realized they put the dates on each post which makes me look stupid if I put the date there again… Anyways, I honestly spoke to no one with the exception of my roommate, my suitemate, and my friends from back home on snapchat. I’ve been taking notes and reading books for my research paper for Sociology. And i haven’t eaten anything but frosted flakes and drink coffee. I’m about to head to the dining hall to eat dinner though because i’m currently cold and starving. My life wasn’t too exciting today but I’m glad i got all this done because now I have an idea of what I want to write for the paper. Tomorrow should be fun because my school is having a pep rally that friends are cheering in! But on the downside, my 8 am is tomorrow.


A Content College Student


So I didn’t post yesterday because I spent most of my day studying and then I went to the mall with my friend, my roommate, and her boyfriend. I thought it was a pretty nice day. I went to brunch, worked on my research paper, went grocery shopping, watched Grey’s Anatomy, studied for 2 hours then went to the mall.

Today, by the grace of God, I actually woke up at 6 am for my volleyball tournament and it went pretty well. We won one game out of three but in our defense we probably would have won the first game if it wasn’t so early but oh well. Now I’m back sitting in my dorm watching Real Madrid play and writing this post. I’ll start studying again after I post!

I want to end with another rant. It’s not really a rant but… Ok so the semester is coming to an end the friend I was talking about the other day is upset about me because I made fun of his study habits and now he’s ending our Snapchat streak, which is fine but I think it’s just a sign telling me I don’t need to waste my energy or time on someone who can care less. I need to stay on the right track, especially if I’m planning to go to med school. I also need to surround myself with positive people who have the same goals I do. I’ve already cut a few people out of my daily life and it kind of sucks to cut this person out because I consider him my best friend but I need to focus. Idk… Sometimes you just need to do what you have to do in order to succeed in life. Reaching your lifetime goals means sacrificing the things you want to you get to the things you need.

That’s all I have for today…


A Stuck College Student


Here I am with yet another post but why not because it’s the whole purpose of this site so oh well. Anyway I just wanted to use this post to rant about something that has really annoyed me today. One of my friends has complained about how he is not having the best time at the college we’re at right now because he feels that he’s not getting the “full college experience” because the parties aren’t all that. All this was stated via Snapchat. He also argued that because the parties end around 12 or 1 o’clock and the parties we go to are normally packed, small, and hot, therefore we get all sweaty. But honestly, I don’t think that is a legitimate reason for him to transfer. I think he’s just upset whenever he gets on his phone and sees that his other friends post videos of them having a great time at the parties at their schools. In my opinion, I think it’s a pretty stupid reason to leave. I think parties are just a plus to college. At the end of the day, after the parties, we have to get back to work and do good in school in order to get our degree and get a career. If you’re goal for college was to go to a party just to record 10 or more seconds of how “fun” you’re having at a party, you’re not even that serious about your future if you have goals in life.  If I were to leave, I would leave because I don’t feel that my school’s academics aren’t that great or I can’t reach my full potential but that just isn’t the case because the school is amazing and offers amazing resources. Honestly, anyone who is a Junior or a Senior in high school, look into the schools you want to attending and ask yourself, “why do I want to go this school?” Look at what they offer for the field of study you’re interested in as well as the clubs and other activities they may have available for their students. Money is another major factor when it comes to looking at schools. See if the schools offer grants and scholarships and apply for many scholarships as well as financial aid. Trust me EVERY PENNY COUNTS. I am very grateful to be at the school I’m in now because of all that they offer and the amount of grants and scholarships they awarded me with. Alright guys, ta-ta for now (…lol I cringed too)


A Grateful College Student


Hello again at 11 pm. I’m currently  having a dance party to Kendrick Lamar with my roommate. For whatever reason we always seem to get hella hyper around 11 or 12… It’s weird. Anways… you know about the precalc quiz I had today that I was supposed to study for last night? Yeah, well.. I didn’t do it. I was so tired when my 6:30, 7:00, and 7:15 alarm went off and I was afraid to fail it because of the lack of study from last night. BUT luckily I emailed my teacher and she said it’s completely fine to make up the quiz tomorrow after my only class of the day, Spanish.

The only other exciting thing I have to talk about today was volleyball practice that I was looking forward to and it ending up being crap. I play the middle hitting position and even though I got the chance to play, I was probably set a total of 5 times out of the 3 sets we played so you could probably imagine how frustrated I was. It was ridiculous and it was apparent to my teammates I was upset but I still decided to go out and play the best I could despite my anger. We have the tourney on Sunday and we have to meet up to leave at 6:45…

Like excuse me??? I can barely wake up for my 8 am’s that I only have twice a week. I mean I’ll probably wake up because I love volleyball and I wouldn’t miss the tourney for the world but SERIOUSLY? That early? Wow. And the worst part, we need to bring our own food and money. I am currently broke with no food in my fridge so that’s where I’m at in my life at the moment.  I haven’t talked to my mom in weeks and my dad still thinks I have money in my account so I think I’ll just suck it up and make up with my mom and ask for money in my account. Fingers crossed.

Once again i’m sitting here and I’m still not reviewing for this make up quiz but I have until 12 to do it. BUT It’s going to be warm tomorrow and I want to look cute which takes time to do so I’m currently stressing. I honestly suck at life rn. Oh and btw I’m trying to apply to transfer to another school when I can barely get my life together at the school I’m at rn. Oh lord, pls help me out.


A Young, Dumb, and Broke College  Student


So today has been pretty productive. I set up two appointments: one to get help brainstorming for the paper I talked about yesterday (y’know the 10-15 page one due in two weeks… yeah that one)

Anyways… It went pretty well and I honestly know what my paper is going to be about. The only problem is: what am I going to ramble on about in 10 to 15 pages??? It makes absolutely no sense to me honestly. If anyone has any advice, pls, let ya girl know.

I also had an appointment to learn how to personalize this website. I’m trying my best to create a better space with my blog. So including things like gifs, and other images would bring life to my posts.  After a few weeks of playing around with everything, I think i’ll get the concept and this site will be up and running just like I want it to!

Today wasn’t all that exciting but tomorrow should be another productive day which will probably include my 8 am class that I have a quiz that I should be reviewing for rn but I’m not… After my classes I think I’m gonna spend many hours writing the papers due in two weeks time. Until tomorrow, SEE YA!


A Procrastinating College Student


It’s been awhile…. And the last time I posted on the site was a month ago. From now on I’ll try my best to write daily or at least 3 times a week.

Academic wise, I’ve been doing pretty well. My grades were crap but they are making a comeback. Right now I’m in a crisis because I have to complete 3 research papers and I’ve only started one of them. I have 2 weeks to start and finish a 10-15 page research paper on child abuse and I’m in a major writing block. I have no motivation and nothing from my readings are giving me ideas for what to write…

Socially- After a conflict with my friend group and it really showed me that I need to get my priorities straight and focus on school. I was spending way too much time with them and put off a lot of my work. Since then, I’ve done much better and I can see the good outcomes that have come out of separating myself from those who aren’t academically motivated.

This past weekend was halloweekend and wow it was a lot. I drank a little more than I should have and it was a first AND A LAST for me. To cut everything short, I was dizzy, threw up, encountered a couple enjoying themselves a little more than they should have in a public place but hey do you, right? I also danced on someone which I’m thankful it was someone attractive which is horrible to say but if it had been anyone else, I would probably never leave my room again lol.

Lastly, I want to conclude with something that has been on my mind for the longest time. There was this guy and I find him attractive but I didn’t know him at the time. I had hung out with him and one of my good friends for a week and he was really sweet to me. There were signs that he was attracted to me but I shook it off because I have never had a boyfriend and no one I was attracted to had ever looked at me as anything more than as a friend.  He gave me bear hugs, which btw isn’t your typical friend side hug. He made an excuse to hold my hand and sit on his lap which i rejected both of (which I kind of regret now because it may have lead to a relationship… who knows). Eventually he stopped trying and now we never talk but he’s talking to a good friend of mine which is great because I think they’re cute together.  I honestly think it happened this way because God has a different plan for me. Maybe my purpose right now is just to focus on school and my family. If another boy comes along, who knows maybe I’ll actually take the hint… if there is one.

So that’s it. I think a long post was necessary since I’ve been gone for awhile  but I hope you enjoy!


A College Student