The title of this video describes my day today. Not all that exciting but not horrible either. I surprisingly woke up for my 8 am which I had a quiz in, went to eat breakfast with my roommate, took a long nap, then went to my first year seminar which I was really looking forward too but we didn’t do much. I was excited mostly because I had just made connections with others in the class and it just happens to be the last weeks of school. I hope I have classes with them in the future because they were nice to talk to. The english guy in my class finally believed that I was a real fan of soccer so he’s opened up to me a little more which is good. I actually have someone I can talk to about soccer because the only people I do talk to about transfer news and games are my sisters but they’re 3 hours away… Afterwards, I had sworn I was going to start on my paper but all I did was watch YouTube videos… I was totally better off when I deleted all my social media apps to save storage for my phone and I think I’ll do it again because my week has been filled with nothing but procrastination. I also had my last club volleyball practice of the semester which is sad but it’ll be back in the spring so thankfully, I’ll still be active! Well… that sums up my day.


A Lazy College Student

Still Alive But Barely Breathing

Hello All,

Yes, I am  still alive but due to procrastination this week, I have pushed off going to get my laptop from my car since I’ve gotten back to school on Sunday.  I actually haven’t gotten a lot done this week which is pretty sad but it’s been a light week and I only have one major thing due next week, as well as a final exam. Let’s just keep you up to date about what has happened since my last post.

I literally didn’t do much this break except go out to eat twice with my cousins and my siblings, sleep, and watch soccer. I actually took the time to spend with my mom which took time out from me spending time with my dad. Now my mom and I are on better terms but I guess it hurt my dad’s feelings a little. But we worked it out so it’s all good now.  Sunday, I had to drive 4 hours to take my cousin to his apartment and that drive was excruciating. We ran into at least 5 traffic jams that we waited 3-5 minutes to pass. Not to mention the fact that I had to drive and hour more in order for me to get back to school. I made it to school around 9.

Besides that, I’ve just been going to class and then coming back to my dorm and then procrastinate. I honestly need to break out of that habit before my grades fall further than they already are. I’ve also been thinking about shaving my hair to start over, and I think it’ll help me with self reflection. Getting  a better understanding of who I am will definitely boost my confidence. Shaving my head would prove that not only that I have the power to go against social norms but prove to myself that my hair is not what defines my beauty. I also just need to see how my hair grows naturally without damaging it with heat. But I don’t know if I’ll go through with it soon but it’s definitely on my bucket list.


An Intrigued College Student

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing day and happily gained as much weight as you possibly can. I didn’t do much yesterday which is why I didn’t post. I think yesterday was just a recovery day from school. I spent most of my time sleeping, watching tv, and eating. Nothing exciting to talk about lol.

Today was a bit better. I went to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving first (yes, my parents are divorced) and was there for about 3 hours. My sisters and I watched the new Spider Man while we stuffed our faces and although I thought it was pretty good, it’s not as AMAZING as everyone is saying. Maybe I didn’t like it as much because I had high expectations for it since everyone was talking about how great it was. That’s normally what ruins movies for me which is sad but that’s what happens with  movies and series shows nowadays.

After we had finished the movie, we had returned to my dads where we waited two hours before we decided to eat again. It was pretty awkward because no one really knew what to say at the table and I’m pretty sure my dad was upset at something but I didn’t want to mention it, nor was I in the mood to argue. When we all finished eating, I stored the leftovers in containers for me to bring back to school with me and I am so excited to bring REAL FOOD back with me. It’s not like our dining hall doesn’t serve real food but I’ve given up on that place since they serve the same thing almost everyday.

Lastly, I’d like to just talk about all that I’m thankful for in the past year. I very thankful for being able to graduate high school and show my parents that I’m prepared for college. I’m thankful for the summer program I  attended for a whole month and meeting the amazing friends that I still have today. I’m thankful for my roommate and my amazing suitemates that I grow closer to every day. I’m thankful for my two favorite cousins that I consider my older brothers that I know I can always go to for advice or just to rant. Most of all I’m thankful to God for my immediate family. My amazing sisters that I share laughs with every day and my crazy but amazing parents that I don’t know where I’d be without. This year has been a wild emotional roller coaster but I honestly wouldn’t change any of it because with all my experiences comes growth and learning. Again, I hope everyone’s had a blessed Thanksgiving, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!


A Thankful College Student

Home Sweet Home

It’s been about 2 days since I lasted but I didn’t have much to talk about until the night before last when my friends and I had our movie night. We watched Hercules and finished Cheetah Girls 2 so you can imagine all of us singing and dancing during quiet hours. It was my roommates first time watching Hercules and I’m sure she didn’t have the full experience watching since we were singing all the songs lol but we made up for it when we watched Cheetah Girls 2. The morning after, I had an exam in precalc and then I had to pick up my cousin from the bus station and drop my roommate off at the train station. The ride home was just as laid back as the ride to school a month ago. I thought it was a lot better since I had someone to ride back with and also talk to but I did the driving since my cousin still hasn’t had his license renewed. We talked about school, music, our other cousins, and some other things. It was nice because I haven’t seen him in a long time and he’s like an older brother to me so we shared a lot of laughs and smiles. I wish his brother was here too because that would have topped everything off.

Now that I’m home, I’m so happy to see my parents and my siblings. I know that I’ll probably do a lot this week because all my friends are in town too. Now I get to relax, eat, and work on a few school projects. I hope this week goes by as slow as possible because I don’t want to leave. On the bright side, I’ll be at school for three more weeks until our winter break comes along and I’ll be home for about a month!


A Happy College Student

Not too Shabby

On behalf of yesterday and today,  I had a pretty enjoyable weekend.

Yesterday morning is when I worked on the film trailer project with my group. I think it went well but it took awhile for everyone to show up which was pretty frustrating . Everything came out pretty well, we did everything based on the script I made which was pretty cool but I definitely do not want to give myself all the credit because I didn’t come up with the plot idea, nor did I bring the camera to film. A lot of ideas were being thrown around which was great. Afterwards, I spent a few hours in the library with a friend and went to the first basketball game which was a tournament. It was really fun to watch and I shared a lot of laughs with my friends. AND I also got a second free chicken sandwich card for Chick-Fil-A… So we all know where I’m going when I leave to go home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving Break.

Today I also spent my morning with my group and it went really well. Everyone pretty much showed up at the same time and we finished just about everything but we just need to put in a voice over and one extra scene which we’ll do tonight. After we finished working this morning, we headed to brunch and the English guy in my group had finally realized I’m a real soccer fan. I understand why he didn’t believe it because normally when people tell you they’re a fan of a team, they can’t tell you anything about them besides one popular player that everyone knows. I think he realized when I was trying to verify his middle name by referring to a soccer player with the same and he was mind blown. I was also relieved that he’s a real fan because I don’t know anyone at my school that’s a big soccer fan that I can talk to about Champions League or something.

I went to 2 games today: Club and Varsity Basketball. Both were pretty good and I kind of felt bad because the guy a friend and I came to watch seemed a little upset at the fact that we left early to go to the varsity game even though our friends don’t play. Oh well, he has more games he’s most likely going to play in and I’ll most likely watch. He didn’t come to  my first tournament that he said he’d come to but apparently I never told him or remind him but I did… Oh well, it’s not a big deal anymore. I also found out that one of my cousins are going to take the bus to my school and drive with me back home since I brought my car. I’m so excited because he’s like a brother to me and I haven’t seen him since my graduation so it’s gonna be really nice having someone I’m familiar with.


An Eager College Student

Housewife or Nah?

Today was a weird day. I got the best sleep ever and went to Spanish and afterwards went to eat lunch where I stayed for an hour and a half waiting for my friends to eat with me but they never did so I just decided to call my dad and leave. I headed to my room and noticed I definitely needed to clean it because it looked a mess, mostly because I had been stressed the week before up until this past Tuesday. Once I was done, I had noticed the bathroom stall in our suite had smelt like pee that had been sitting around for days. The smell was horrifying. I scrubbed the toilet and thought that would solve the problem since I had been scrubbing hard af for about 5-10 minutes straight. Turns out my suitemates had found that behind the toilet was wet and when we wiped it up, it was like a brown-yellow color meaning, I was right it was pee. BUT that would mean that the toilet is leaking.. And we just had maintenance fix the vent so we had to place yet another work order. I;m pretty sure this is our 3rd and it’s only been 4 months.  We had also noticed the shower was browning a little so I decided to scrub the shower and I had noticed I put a little more bleach than necessary. I had to put a bandanna over my mouth so I wouldn’t inhale it and because it burned the crap out of my eyes I put sunglasses on because we didn’t have goggles.

After putting in all that hard work I had noticed the bleach was still lingering in my nose so everywhere I went, it smelt like a pool. It was so bad and it made me a little dizzy.  But it’s ok, I ended up going to Chick-Fil-A to grab food with 2 of my friends and came back in time for the girl’s basketball game which we sadly lost 56-51 or something like that. Anyway tomorrow I have my movie trailer meeting to look forward to tomorrow so I’m excited!


An OCD College Student

Filmmaker To Be

So I’d say that 75% of my day was spent in my room which wasn’t bad because it was definitely well needed after all the stress I endured over the past week. I spent most of my time either napping or working on the draft of a script for  my group project in my first year seminar.  And I may say so myself, it’s pretty darn good. HA the other group thinks they’ll win…

I mean how can we not when we have an English guy in our group that’s doing the cool voice over and he’s going to play the jock with an American accent. We’ve got this in the bag… And the plot is pretty freaking cool. So basically the class had to come up with a movie trailer about some type of current technologically that eventually turns on the characters. So what we decided is that in some state, the governor noticed that teenagers hated being confronted in person so he decided to make an app where people would settle their arguments online and you can’t say things mean in person or you would lose a small percentage of battery each time you do it. Everyone starts with 100% battery of course but the worst part is that the battery life is YOUR LIFE…. Yeah mind blown. So if you use up all your battery, POOF, you’re gone… dead. BUT there are these three black girls right (I’m one of the black girls *wink wink*) They decide to rebel against the governor and try to do something about the stupid app. I’m honestly so hype to meet up Saturday and start but there’s one guy in the group that’s really annoying and just says random, dumb stuff all the time and it’s getting old… Anyways, until next time!


An Excited College Student

Problem Solved… Right?

So yesterday me and my roommate talked everything out and we seem to be on better terms… We’ll just see how the rest of the semester plays out.  She read my blog and let’s just say, she wasn’t the happiest. But I honestly don’t blame her because I might feel some type of way about them too but this domain is used for my thoughts and it is a project so I can’t do much about it except move on. So moving on… Last night I called for a well needed movie night and we all got together and watched High School Musical 2 and part of The Cheetah Girls too. Disney musicals are how you mend friendships. It was great we had hot chocolate and everyone was laughing and agreeing on how gay Troy was in the movie and how annoying Gabriella’s voice is. We all decided that we were going to a Secret Santa which should be fun but I’m really hoping no one is expecting crazy gifts because I DO NOT have the money. 

Also a big congratulations to me, the stress is over. I turned in my paper for Sociology and my papers seemed to be thicker than my classmates. You know how I said our professor stated that IF we only reached 8 pages, it must be perfect? Well, it seems like most of the students took that offer and switched his words. A girl that sits next to me wrote her paper the DAY BEFORE. Props to her but she only did 8 pages. Now there wouldn’t be a problem as long as it was perfect right? Wrong. She thought he said we can do 8 pages at minimum but that doesn’t make any sense if the syllabus says the paper must be 10-15… Anyway I went to have my paper checked by one of the resources prior to turning it in and she said my paper was really good but I just needed to find a way to connect my topics and I fixed it. Hopefully my teacher gives me a good grade or he can disagree with the whole thing. But fingers crossed.

I turned in my other paper for my 1 credit class as well, and I completely b.s’ed it. The paper was crap and I hate writing with a group because I’m a perfectionist and I must say not a horrible writer either. There were so many mistakes I had to fix but it turned out ok. Even if I get a B or a C, my grade would probably still be an A or a B+.


A Stress-Free College Student



The title of this post has been my face all day. I have been working so hard to finish this research paper and I only have two more pages left!! But it doesn’t end there… I still need to do at least two pages for another research paper tomorrow which should be a piece of cake (thanks to my love for writing). And thank God it’s only 7:00 because I still have time to finish one and start on the other and hopefully go to bed by 11:00 so I can get some sleep for my 8 am tomorrow… ugh.

So my 3 of my friends and I left our big Snapchat group chat. It just wasn’t working. It probably seems like we left together to follow one person but honestly, we all had our own reasons for leaving. For me, I was not feeling it anymore. I get ignored every time I have something to say and plus the guys leave us out 75% of the time. The other 25% is if we go to mutual parties together… We aren’t the same “family” that came out of the summer program. The only reason we were so close was because no one was on campus, meaning there were never parties. We had curfews and early study halls. We only had each other and spent just about every moment together. Now that everyone is on campus and we have different agendas, it just isn’t the same anymore and that’s ok. There is absolutely no need to try to pull us back together when we’re falling apart? You made no effort to keep the group together so why try to force us together AGAIN?

Lord please help me this week. My under eye circles are as low as my tolerance for people rn. Thanksgiving break couldn’t come any sooner.


A Stressed College Student


Well hello again… Today was a study day. I made an outline for the second half of my paper and it seems that I’ll get to 10 pages! Fingers are still crossed. I heard some news today that my roommate completely over exaggerated the conversation we had Friday, you know, when she called me a bitch? Yeah… So from another friend I heard that my roommate claimed that I was screaming at her and that I cried (or at least looked like I was crying). I just want to say that in my defense, I’ve been stressed over this paper so my face is probably reflecting it but I was not crying… She also told me that my roommate was talking about how I told her how she wouldn’t get why I was upset because of how “beautiful” she is. That, my friend has never come up in a conversation. I honestly don’t know why she exaggerated everything about the conversation but I guess that’s who she is.. She reminds me of someone back home who also did Cheer and Track. She always exaggerated arguments or things she had overheard. In ways she reminds me of her and in most ways she doesn’t which is a good thing because the girl from back home was low key drama hungry.

Aside from my roommate who I’ve talked about two days in a row, my friend circle has gotten smaller which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. The friends I came in with don’t seem to want to hang out with me and three other friends. Friday, they told us they didn’t feel like spending money or going out only to see them at the bowling alley on Snapchat. Yesterday, after I got back from my tournament, nobody had heard from them and then suddenly we had gotten Snapchats from the group message about how they were in another school an hour away??? Shady. As they say, the smaller the circle… they don’t say that but what I’m trying to say is when your circle is small you don’t have to worry about all this extra, unnecessary drama.


A Solemn College Student